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Computer Devices


Whether you need software support, hardware upgraded, or a repair to be made, we can help you with your computer needs.

Drop the device off at our location, or we can come to you!

Reroll Solutions, LLC

At Reroll Solutions, our goal

is to provide professional and affordable
Computer Repair & IT Support services

across the Charleston, South Carolina area.


About Us

Aaron Haas - Information Technology Specialist

Founder and Owner of Reroll Solutions, LLC, Aaron is based in Charleston, South Carolina. With a Masters of Science from Morehead State University, and over 5 years of experience in information technologies, Aaron is able to provide a wide-range of services and solutions to common technological needs.

Services provided include:

  • Commercial and Residential Help Desk Toubleshooting

  • Custom Desktop and Server builds

  • Data transfer

  • Computer & Tablet Setup

  • TV/Home Theater Setup

  • WiFi/Networking Setup and Troubleshooting

  • Information Consultation



Custom Computer Builds

Looking to upgrade your personal computer but don't want to waste money on a company desktop? Let us personally select the parts you need to have the high-speed rig of your dreams.

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Support and Troubleshooting

With experience with POS equipment and support providers in the Charleston Area, we can provide the on-site technical support your business needs to keep your systems running. Allow us to respond to your POS needs so your managers do not have to!


We currently provide on-site technical support for a local Wendy's franchise in the Greater Charleston, SC area.

Internet and WiFi Support

The average American household has 5 connected devices per person. With a average household size of 2.5, the typical home has over 12 devices connecting to the internet. If you are experiencing slow connection speeds, this and many other issues may be to blame. Take the guess work out of the equation and allow us to solve your networking needs!

Support and Repair
Mobile Devices

We provide mobile device (cell phones and tablets) support and repair. We can troubleshoot your software needs, as well as replace broken screens.

Drop the device off at our location, or we can come to you!

Wireless Security Systems 

Security systems have progressed exponentially since the days of CCTV. Today cutting edge security systems utilize your wireless network to record and transmit videos without a physical wire connection. No tearing up drywall and running cables. We can recommend a number of systems including wired and wireless security cameras, wireless window/door sensors, and wireless motion detection. Allow us to help secure your home or office.

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For business inquiries, please complete the contact form below with a detailed description of your technology needs!

Reroll Solutions, LLC

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